5 Reasons Why You’ll Love Wooden Lighting

Love Wooden Lighting

You’ll love wooden lighting

If you’re new to the idea of installing some wooden lighting into your home, we’ve got a few reasons why you should do it. Alternatively, you may already have some wooden lighting and may be thinking of adding to your collection. We’ve got five reasons why you should invest in some bespoke wooden lighting from Steamed Studio.

5 Reasons Why You'll Love Wooden Lighting

Here at Steamed Studio, we use an antique process called steam bending to hand make our luxurious wooden products for stunning homeware. Steam bending uses steam to make the wood pliable enough to be stretched, contorted, and bent. When the wood cools, it holds its shape and remains durable. Although it’s a fairly niche product process, it’s actually been around for centuries and even dates back to ancient Egyptian times when they used it tomake chariots. Our work is natural-looking and distinctive. The unique designs complement both contemporary and traditional homes. Thanks to the handmade process, designs are completely bespoke and a piece of art that’s to be treasured for many years.The man behind Steamed Studio is Gary Smith, a woodwork craftsman who has many years of experience under his belt. In his workshop in Norwich, he enjoys putting his own spin on the classic steam-bending process. His attention to detail and continuous improvement means that every product from Steamed Studio is always of the highest quality. Traditional lighting made from unsustainable materials such as plastic is not only harsh on our environment, but they also lack any unique design flair. With steam-bent wooden lighting,you’re guaranteed a tailor-made product that’s easier on our ecosystem too. Read on to find out five reasons why you’ll love wooden lighting from Steamed Studio.

1 Beautiful designs inspired by nature

Because our light fixtures are made from natural timber (mostly ash which is a hardwood),we naturally have to get closer to nature and often take inspiration from the great outdoors.Ash wood has a beautiful creamy beige colour and brightens up living spaces. It also has ahigh shock absorbency meaning it’s resistant to splitting and cracking. We’re inspired by other stunning shapes in nature too such as arched weeping trees, twisted twigs and conicalpines which all show off their natural beauty and give us inspiration to create mood boards for our product ideas. You’ll see many Mother Nature-inspired details laced through our designs for a feeling of movement despite the designs being rigid and sturdy. In terms of colour, we like to let the natural shade of the wood stand out and use sanding and oiling to help it look its best. The oil we use is a multi-certified kind called Rubio® Monocoat. In the future we are looking to expand our range to include soft colours such as white to more intense shades like black to help compliment your existing décor

2 A sustainable choice

If you want to make greener choices with your interior design, our steam-bent wooden lighting is a great choice. Looking after the planet and sustainably sourcing our materials is very important to us and we use UK-sourced hardwood for less carbon footprint–sometimes we source wood from local tree surgeons too. Our packaging is also either recyclable or biodegradable. Our actual process of steam bending is kinder to the environment because of its low-energy usage and minimal environmental wastage. To prevent heat loss and extra energy use, the steam boxes we use for crafting each piece are thoroughly insulated so that steam evenly circulates each piece of timber. In addition to being environmentally friendly, wooden lighting is a healthier option too. Even when exposed to high temperatures no toxic substances are released. The use of natural wood has apositive effect on people with chronic respiratory diseases.

3 Handmade with love

Our artisan wooden lights are handcrafted with the greatest attention to detail. Using natural timbers, we follow the wood’s arch which means that no twist or bend is the same, resulting in a bespoke product. We’re passionate about each and every detail and lovingly spend several days perfecting each piece. We also use our own unique jigs so that we can create custom-made designs.

4 Timeless flair

Our stunning designs suit both modern and traditional homes and every style of décorthanks to the natural aesthetic. Wood is a timeless material that has natural beauty. We choose to keep the finishes on our designs simplistic and bespoke.By using the Rubio® Monocoat ‘Pure’ on our wooden lighting range, its unpigmented finish slightly darkens and enriches the natural tone of the wood itself.This means you can invest in a versatile woode nlight that can be cherished for many years. It can travel with you when you move home or choose to redecorate your existing living space. 

5 Luxurious brass fixtures

We use high-quality brass fixtures in our wooden lighting as they’re very resistant to temperature changes and hardwearing. Our brass fixtures can also be filled with low-carbon LED bulbs that are long-lasting and non-toxic.So, there you have it, five reasons why you’ll love wooden lighting from Steamed Studio.View our full range of ceiling lights, table lights and wall lights online. We also have a selection of steam-bent mirrors in beautiful arc shapes.

For information on our ash wood, take a look at our blog post The Uses, History and Wonders of the Ash Tree.With Earth Day 2022 on April 22nd, it’s a better time than ever to start making more eco-friendly choices with your homeware. Wooden lighting from Steamed Studio is a great first step. All our products are handmade to order and usually dispatched within 2-3 weeks. We hope you enjoy your new products as much as we enjoy crafting them.