There’s so much to see and do in North Norfolk, from beautiful historic architecture to unique local shops and an excellent community for creative designers and makers. There’s something for everyone, whether you are looking for a seaside escape or a new local market town. There’s so much to love here that I thought I would share some of my favourite North Norfolk spots with you… 

Holkham Hall 

This 25,000-acre estate sits proudly on the North Norfolk coastline. It’s the perfect place to explore. It has beautiful architecture, is rich in history and is home to an array of wildlife. This impressive 18th century home is a member of the UK’s ten treasured houses group. Surrounded by stunning rolling countryside, it’s the perfect place for a creative mind to explore, step back in time and gain some classical inspiration. 

Houghton Hall and Gardens 

Famously the home of Britain’s first prime minister, Houghton Hall is another impressive building in my local area that is rich in art history. The hall itself contains an incredible collection of contemporary sculptures and a leisurely stroll around the hall’s grounds will reveal the works of many well-known artists. 

Burnham Village and Market 

If you love a picture-perfect village then Burnham Village comes highly recommended. You can feel the excellent community spirit as you wander through the Georgian houses that surround the village. As a local, I find it a great spot to shop for local produce, dine and browse independent craft and clothing shops.  

Blakeney Point and Village 

Blakeney point is one of the widest expanses of undeveloped coastal habitats of its kind in Europe. Protected by the National Trust, it is home to various rare plants and wildlife. The vast array of habitats such as salt marshes, sand dunes and vegetated shingles make it the ideal home for many species. Visit Blakeney Point to see seals and rare seabirds thriving. The area is extremely popular with nature enthusiasts and birdwatchers hoping to catch a glimpse of something you don’t see on the average UK beach! In Blakeney, you will also find another cosy village full of history and small businesses offering fresh produce and little craft shops to explore. There are again plenty of places to eat and drink. From the village centre, you can enjoy one of several walks along the coastal paths that surround the village. 

Old Hunstanton Lighthouse 

There’s something exciting about a lighthouse that sparks imagination and childhood memories. Hunstanton Lighthouse sits proudly on top of Hunstanton Cliffs, the highest point along this stretch of coast. During its operational years, it guided vessels into Lynn Deeps. The lighthouse dates back to 1840, although a previous lighthouse sat in the same spot since 1665. The current lighthouse was built after the original burned down in 1777. If you are looking for a unique place to stay on the North Norfolk coast, the lighthouse is now a holiday home available to rent!  

Hunstanton town also has a number of charming features. There is a lovely beach and heritage centre where you can further explore the area’s unique history. The town also houses a theatre, art galleries and a selection of small craft shops where you can purchase goods from local makers like me. 

I could write for days about fascinating things to do in North Norfolk. The area is full of history and charm and has something for everyone. So if you haven’t already visited, then it’s time to plan a trip. 

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