It’s likely that every interior designer out there believes that a mirror completes a room. Why? Because they’re bright, light-reflecting, and come in various colours and finishes to accentuate your living space. A wall mirror is great for entrances, bathrooms and living/dining rooms. We’ll explain why our handmade wooden framed mirrors are an excellent choice for your home and what benefits they can bring. A wooden frame mirror is timeless and suits every interior design scheme, from traditional to quirky or contemporary. Our unique wooden mirrors will surely add a wow factor to your living space. Read on to find out why.

Benefits of having mirrors in your home

When hung in the right place, a mirror will create the illusion of a bigger room. It does this by reflecting the room’s natural and/or artificial light, making you think a room is brighter and larger than it is. If you want to create the feeling of more space, one of our large wooden mirrors will do the trick. Mirrors are functional, too – it’s good to check your reflection every once in a while, or perhaps regularly, if you’re a bit vain! A last-minute check before you head out the door to a meeting could save you from arriving with spinach in your teeth. Apart from being a tool for grooming and dressing, they can also be a beautiful piece of home décor. They’re fashionable but timeless. They will always add a focal point to a room and are great for making a statement. Check out more reasons why mirrors are a must throughout your home.

Mirrors with wooden frames at Steamed Studio

We have three different styles within our wooden mirror range. Each style is made from steam-bent ash wood with a slight sheen. This makes them ideal for subtly standing out against matte painted walls or patterned wallpaper.


The Piras Mirror

Great for hanging in hallways for a dramatic entrance, the Piras wooden mirror frame has a droplet shape that will sit neatly on a narrow wall. Choose from three colours: Intense Black, Nordic White or Pure.

The Belvedere Mirror

Crafted in a loop shape at the top, this Belvedere wood mirror is ideally suited to hanging above bathroom sinks for a Scandi-inspired touch. Choose from three colours: Intense Black, Nordic White or Pure.

The Fiore Mirror

Another droplet shape but with a double-curved detail at the top. The Fiore mirror is great for adding character and bespoke style to living or dining rooms. Choose from three colours: Intense Black, Nordic  White or Pure.

The best wood for mirror frames

When it comes to wall-hanging mirrors, we think the best woods are lighter varieties such as ash and oak. They are the best choice for steam bending and have a wonderfully natural grain for an intricate and unique finish on each mirror frame.

How we handcraft our steam-bent wooden mirrors

Steam bending wooden mirror frames involves bending wood into shape with the heat from steam. Steam softens the lignin within the wood fibres, which can then be stretched with the help of clamps and jigs. The lignin then hardens to the new shape as it cools. The process is not easy and requires expertise to get it right. You can read more about the steam bending history and process here. There’s also an interesting Wood Steam Bending Q&A to answer any burning questions you may have.

Beautiful bespoke designs

The luxurious finishing oil we use enhances the wood’s intricate and unique grain patterns. This means that every mirror we make is unique. Every masterpiece undergoes a thorough examination before delivery to ensure that you are presented with a meticulously made mirror. Choosing to have a handcrafted item in your home gives it a more personalised feel rather than purchasing a mass-produced piece. It’s a rewarding feeling knowing that a passionate steam-bending expert has carefully crafted your mirror.

Eco-friendly décor for peace of mind

Here at Steamed Studio, we care about the planet and ensure we do our part to reduce any negative impact of our processes on the environment. We source sustainable materials and use low amounts of energy for minimal environmental waste.

  • Other benefits of wooden mirrors
  • They bring a natural, rustic touch
  • Easy to clean – simply wipe the glass and gently dust the wood
  • Versatile design – wood goes with all interior themes and colours

They are considered helpful in feng shui arrangements. Mirrors represent the element of water and can help balance a room or accentuate the purpose of a room. They can also reflect and direct both positive and negative Chi energy. Our rounded mirrors at Steamed Studio bring in the element of metal, which represents clarity, precision, and joy. According to feng shui, the best room to place a wall mirror is the dining room. This is because it’s considered the ‘vault’ for wealth, health and prosperity. A mirror facing the dining table but not the windows is said to multiply the wealth in the house.

In summary, a wooden mirror will surely bring a stylish and natural-looking touch to your living space. It will also help to create the illusion of a brighter, more spacious room. One of our steam-bent mirrors will also bring a bespoke design and an eco-friendly choice of décor. After reading this article, we hope you feel inspired to browse our handcrafted mirrors and pictures where they can be placed for maximum effect in your home. Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all? You, of course. Don’t shy away from your mirror; embrace your reflection and talk positively to yourself daily – it can produce excellent mental health benefits. Verbalising positive thoughts while making direct eye contact with ourselves can help to achieve positive changes in our lives.

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