Piras Mirror Nordic White


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Hand made to order
Dispatched within 2 to 3 weeks
Delivered within mainland UK

Handmade, steam-bent Piras mirror framed in an organic shape, complementing natural themes and bringing a little of the outdoors inside.


Crafted by hand and finished in Scandi-chic Nordic White, the Piras mirror offers an ethereal beauty, highlighted by the delicate colour and slight sheen. Through the oil, the natural grain of the wood is still visible, hinting at forests of yore and bringing the outdoors in.

Inspired by the hand mirrors of days gone by, this versatile piece would be at home set against a background of pure white or nestled between gentler pastels. Emerging like something out of a fairy tale, we think it brings a certain lyricism to any room. It might add a little personality to a neutral hallway, or balance out more lavish furniture in bolder colours.

Both frame and beads are handmade from English ash in Britain. This mirror is a reminder of the simplicity of days gone by, paired with the design principles of the 21st century.

  • Handmade by steam bending
  • English ash finished in chic Nordic White oil
  • Inspired by beautiful old hand mirrors
  • Grain still visible