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Wooden Product Care Guide

Caring for your Wooden Product Care guide
Ambient temperature importance

Solid wood may expand or shrink with temperature and humidity changes. Please keep this in mind when installing or storing any of our products. Examples of areas to be wary of are near radiators and windows.

Our products may be used in bathrooms; however, it is recommended that the room has proper ventilation to eliminate moisture and potential dampness, this is left to the customers discretion. If dampness occurs, please wipe excess moisture away immediately.

If any of our products are to be kept in storage, we highly recommend using climate-controlled spaces.


For minor spills, wipe away with a damp cloth. Liquids such as wine, coffee and vinegar may stain the surface if not wiped away quickly.

For larger stains, we would suggest lightly sanding and re-oiling the product. Before attempting the repair, please contact us or a professional furniture restorer first for advice.


Sweep dust with a soft bristle brush or a dry cloth. Wipe clean with a damp cloth and remove excess moisture with a dry cloth.Wooden Product Care