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About Steamed Studio

Steam bending by Steamed Studio

Steam bending is an antique process whereby wood fibres are steamed pliable enough to be stretched, contorted, and bent; when cooled the timber holds its beautiful new shape. Wood, being strong yet versatile was the perfect material for our ancestors throughout history. The process of bending wood by using steam has been around for centuries with some experts citing its use in ancient Egyptian times on chariots. Today, steam-bent products make beautiful and luxurious additions to any home.

Being a niche industry, we have perfected our own bespoke tools, racks, and jigs which we use to construct the products we have today. To prevent heat loss and extra energy use, boxes are thoroughly insulated so steam evenly circulates each piece of timber. Steal straps support thicker pieces to prevent breakages and encourage optimum fibre stretching. Steamed Studio twists and bends timber into limitless possibilities. All bespoke homeware is shaped inside our workshop in the historic city of Norwich.

Hand Steam Bending Wood by Steamed Studio

The story so far

Gary Smith, the craftsman behind Steamed Studio, has been in the woodworking trade since he was 17. Always wanting a challenge and to learn, Gary achieved multiple accreditations throughout his career, including a fully registered plumbing qualification. Despite his love of learning new skills, carpentry and joinery have always been his passion. During his decade long self-employment, Gary knew his interests lay in more creative and bespoke projects. Working outside the parameters of ordinary then led him to discover the enchanting age-old world of steam bending, and he has not looked back since. From hobbyist to connoisseur, over the years his passion and dedication to the trade had ascribed Steamed Studio an expert in the field.

Putting his spin on this traditional craft is what makes every piece unique and special. Attention to detail and continuous advancement of skills means Steamed Studio will always be high quality and evolving.


Working with timber, naturally, means getting closer to nature. Arching willows, hooked branches, coiled ferns; the natural world outside the workshop window provides the perfect mood board. Since it is our inspiration, we like to incorporate mother nature in the bends we twist on the wood we steam. Curves of flora and fauna can be seen laced throughout our designs. We enjoy the feeling of movement and free-flowing form in our work that resounds in nature.

Influenced by the latest interior design, our homeware products are sleek and elegant. Trends change but our flora inspired designs are timeless in aesthetic and artisan by nature.


Looking after the planet we source our materials from is imperative to us. The process of steam bending is kind to the environment because of its low energy usage and environmental wastage. The award-winning oil we use is not only environmentally friendly, but it is superior in quality and gives our products a unique sheen. Sustainably sourced, even our wood has a reduced carbon footprint.

Passion for process

Our steam bending process

Retaining our artisanal roots, each piece is crafted and perfectly curved with a dedicated hand. Like nature, we follow the wood’s natural arch meaning no twist or bend is the same. Everything we do is unique, from our self-perfected techniques to the custom-built tools we use. We are passionate about every detail and lovingly spend hours perfecting our wholesome eco techniques.

All our jigs are designed by us and are constantly evolving as we add more pieces to our collection. This means we can push our imagination to discover unique bend and twist styles, an experience that would be difficult without our custom-made devices.

In the home

Our homeware products

Our work is naturally distinct and looks elegant in both contemporary and character homes. We combine modern design with ancient steam bending processes to create truly unique products. Smooth wood-grained curves effortlessly blend the outside into your home. Peaceful but powerful, our products are a statement piece in any room.

Steamed Studio is driven by innovative designs, constantly evolving skills and sustainably managed processes and materials. Going beyond pencil and paper designs, new ideas are perfected on timber and other materials.

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