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Steam Bent Lighting Blog

Steamed Studio’s wood steaming blog aims to give you an insight in our industry and give you a few wood bending facts along the way.

Guide to Handmade Wooden Lights

The Definitive Guide to Handmade Wooden Lights

At Steamed Studio, we take a traditional approach to crafting handmade wooden lights by steaming and bending our wood, resulting in a range of bespoke pieces with no wasted materials.
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Love Wooden Lighting

5 Reasons Why You’ll Love Wooden Lighting

You’ll love wooden lighting If you’re new to the idea of installing some wooden lighting into your home, we’ve got a few reasons why you should do it. Alternatively, you
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What lighting can bring to a home

What Lighting Can Bring to a Home

Having the right amount of light within your home can change the whole look of a space. It can make or break the design and mood of a room. With
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The Emergence of Lighting Through The Ages

Glow Up: The Emergence of Lighting Through The Ages

From Prometheus’ mythical gift of fire to bulbs that dim at the touch of a dial, lighting has a long – and rather eclectic – history. It’s almost inconceivable nowadays, a
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