The emergence of glass for mirrors

Viewing oneself in a handheld mirror predates Egyptian times; before the introduction of glass, metal was flattened and highly polished. These early mirrors were nearly always rounded in shape and no more than eight inches in diameter. In 4000 B.C., the Lebanese city of Sidon was thought to be the founding place of glass. By the first century A.D., glass was invented, and Europe saw it made into windowpanes, decorations, and mirrors throughout Europe. Whilst some were hung or made into full length standing mirrors, the handheld style remained popular and the most common design.


Victorian Design

In the 18th century, Victorian Britain diversified in mirror design and made surrounds from silver, brass, and gilt finished wood. Patterns and style varied amongst social groups to reflect identity, commercial class, and personal taste. Whilst there can be some clear distinctions between the era’s design changes, there are some features that are a hallmark of the Victorian era. Opulent floral details, embossed swirls and regal shaped materials are distinctive and characteristic of this ever-changing and developing period. Standing testament to its lasting impression, we can still see the influence of the ornate Victorian style in homeware today. The continued popularity could be ascribed to the timeless and organic shapes found in nature. In a generation accustomed to machine-made uniformity, there is an unmistakable resurgence for craftmanship.


Inspired by an era

Steamed Studio draws upon the inspiration of periodic curves and swirl formations found in Victorian handheld mirrors. Like us, this era studied the shapes and movement of nature and incorporated them in design.
Timeless and classic, we have simplified ornate designs and with it created sleek and contoured mirror surrounds. Victorian twists and curves are reimagined into streamlined curves.
Because of the natural ash we use, our mirrors suit both contemporary and country style homes and our centrepiece mirrors are aesthetically soft and stylish.

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