At Steamed Studio, we take a traditional approach to crafting handmade wooden lights by steaming and bending our wood, resulting in a range of bespoke pieces with no wasted materials. It also retains the long-grain pattern in the wood, allowing you to furnish your home with a one-of-a-kind light shade.

If you’re interested in purchasing steam-bent wooden lighting, this guide will help you. Our guide includes top tips on what lights work best for certain rooms and delves deeper into the array of wooden lights on offer here at Steamed Studio.


Wooden Pendant Lighting

Wooden pendant lights can be mounted as a fixture in almost any space. One of our bestsellers is the Fabbri Wooden Light Shade. Handmade to order, light casts through the twists and turns of this beautiful piece, lighting up your room with a shadow unlike any other shade on the market. The three horizontal loops compliment the ash hardwood and sit to create a striking curvaceous piece set to be the centre of attention in any room.

‘Fabbri’ translates to ‘craftsman’ in Italian, which is an accurate name for a wooden pendant light so sleek and elegant. With its smooth, elongated design, the Fabbri wooden light shade is sure to add a touch of class and elegance to your home. The Fabbri is certainly the way to go for a statement piece, whether your light is on or off.

Alternatively, why not consider our Nova range? Available in four sizes, this style of wooden pendant light is created using a combination of English ash hardwood and brass fixtures. The original Nova Wooden Light Shade is ideally sized, complementing any bedroom or living room without taking centre stage. However, we have further developed this range of wooden pendant lights for customers to showcase their varying and exceptional tastes through bigger and smaller sizes.

The smallest Nova still provides the eye-catching twisted wood effect of the original Nova but in a more compact size, making it ideally suited for any boudoir needing an extra touch of style. Translated from Latin to mean ‘new’, this small wooden pendant light is seamlessly handcrafted, sanded and oiled, resulting in a statement piece that stands the test of time, no matter what trends come and go.

For a more striking piece, the large Nova is certainly the wooden light shade for you. A statement but classic piece, the hand-bent wood creates smooth contours that remain in line with the original design to create an almost ethereal take on the Nova range. Perfect for any living space, the large Nova is a crowd-pleaser amongst many, taking the limelight for all the right reasons.

Going one step even further is the Nova XL. Like its counterparts, the extra-large Nova shade is handcrafted and steam-bent to create a unique, bespoke piece. This wooden pendant light would look stunning in a cavernous space large enough to show the intricate details without swallowing the room. Maximum impact is achieved through this light shade in its homage to the original Nova our customers know and love. With added brass details, the extra-large Nova light shade is the perfect fit, no matter your décor design. Whether your home follows traditional or modern interior design, the Nova’s artistic beauty will surely add the finishing touch to any room. With a range of sizes to choose from, you can’t go wrong.


Wooden Ceiling Lights

Looking to give your guests something to talk about for all the right reasons? Our Vitale Wooden Ceiling Light blends aestheticism with sculpture to create a horizontal wooden light that not only acts as a statement piece for any home but as a conversation starter too.

Ideally suited to a large dining room space, the Vitale hangs beautifully in the balance over a table, providing an open-ended structure for light to flow through. Whether you place your Vitale light shade over a breakfast bar or larger table, luminosity will always be achieved. Intertwining concentrated wooden twists using our steam bending process results in a bespoke wooden light shade in a striking yet timeless design.

The Vitale includes electric materials such as a black ceiling rose, black fabric cable, and two brass lamp holders. This makes the installation process easier for you and allows you to get on with hosting and showcasing your new light as soon as possible.

Large wooden overhead ceiling lights are increasing in popularity within the realm of interior design, acting as both a bold statement and feature piece for any kind of room.


Wooden Wall Lighting

If you’re looking for a sculptural wooden wall light, the Vero Wall Light is sure to tick all the right boxes. Weaving sculpture with functionality, the Vero light is a handcrafted steam-bent piece worked to a high standard with our trusted ash hardwood. Creating a warm-lit look in any living or bedroom space, the Vero is a unique design that sits beautifully on any wall or flat surface.

The Vero Wall Light will add a touch of eco-consciousness to any home. With its large presence and intricate twists and turns, our Vero wooden light shade creates a pleasant presence through its appearance and the shadows cast from within.

With brass fixtures nodding to on-trend lighting and including plug, fabric cable, dimmer and more, all you need to do is buy your bulbs and plug in. As always, we recommend energy-efficient LED bulbs. Energy-efficient bulbs lower electricity bills and carbon dioxide emissions without reducing the quality of light throughout your rooms.

Deciding to purchase wooden wall lighting can add the finishing touch you’ve been searching for within your home. They provide light to darker spaces and can be used to highlight walkways or rooms of your choice, depending on where you place them. With the Vero Wall Light, ambience is in your hands.


Wooden Table Lamps

Continuing in the Fabbri range is this striking Fabbri Table Light. Taking inspiration from the original Fabbri light shade, the Fabbri wooden table light pays homage to the versatility of a truly beloved design. What sets it apart from other light shades in our bespoke range is that within the design, three hoops are used rather than two.

This gives a tighter and more vivid curvature making it more suitable and a solid addition to a table in your bedroom or living space. If you’re a fan of the Fabbri table light, why not use it in both rooms or on either side of your bed? Creating ambience and warmth, the Fabbri table light is a customer favourite, and like all of our products, it’s not hard to see why.

And with no installation required, all you need to do is add your bulb and turn it on. The dimmer switch helps you create the perfect atmosphere you can look forward to coming home to. Setting the correct brightness within your home can elevate the mood and transform your living space into an enviable realm of comfort.

A versatile purchase, the Fabbri Table Light can also be added to any home office, offering both functionality and aesthetic style. A wooden table lamp provides a soft light that can help you remain focused without the obtrusive brightness of an overhead light or metal lamp.



At Steamed Studio, we believe our approach to making wooden lighting is the future. Not only are we paving the way in sustainable home design but encouraging our customers to shop responsibly. We care about the environment, so every item is made exclusively by hand. Our steam-bending approach to woodwork allows us to create bespoke pieces whilst limiting the amount of glue needed. This eliminates waste and helps us be kinder to our planet. Steam bending is an excellent technique as it uses low energy.

Wooden lights offer not just a function but an artistic touch to any home that tells your guests more about your personality and style. Whether you’re in the market for a wooden pendant light, wall light, or ceiling light, our range of wooden lights is sure to fit the bill. For a statement piece, contact Steamed Studio today. By choosing bespoke wooden lighting, you are choosing a unique product. Each handcrafted wooden light is entirely handmade in our studio, meaning they all differ in small ways. Sanded and oiled English ash produces quality light shades that we are proud to provide to our customers.

With organic shapes, twists, turns and contours, there’s no better compliment to any living space than a wooden light shade from Steamed Studio. For more information, reach out to our team today by calling us on 01603 850 282, emailing us at, or contacting us through one of our many social media pages. Steamed Studio provides bespoke wooden home furnishings that are kind, not cruel, to the environment.




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