Having the right amount of light within your home can change the whole look of a space. It can make or break the design and mood of a room. With so many attractive lighting options available, there’s no reason to stick with out-dated bulbs and bland shade designs. Instead, think about opting for lighting choices that will enhance a room’s decor and brighten it in the best possible way. We believe the right lighting choices can add a lot to a room – and here’s how. 

Bring balance with layers of light. 

When it comes to lighting a room, layers can have a significant impact. As a general rule, aim for at least three light layers in a room for the best impact. For example, in a larger space, consider a beautiful large chandelier alongside a tall lamp or a decorative table lamp, or adding dimmers to set the room’s mood for different activities. There’s no reason to limit light layering to larger spaces, either. For example, in a small bathroom consider reducing the wattage of the bulb in the main light to suit the size of the room and enhance the decor. 

Create a focal point of a living area 

A bespoke handcrafted light fitting or statement lamp can become a central focal point of your interior design. Coupling these statement pieces with clever hidden or overhead lighting can achieve some stunning effects. We recommend you opt for warmer LED bulbs over cold fluorescent versions for greater energy efficiency and flexibility. 

Enhance a space 

If you install directional lighting, focus them towards curtains, blinds or joinery so the light reflected comes back into the room and enhances the feeling of space. Light diffused by a decorative shade like our Vitale shade will bounce off the ceiling during daylight hours and create a soft glow in the darker evenings. 

A table lamp completes a sideboard. 

A sideboard can look incomplete without a stylish table lamp. A bespoke table lamp can add a little height and light up a small display of personal mementoes such as ornaments and treasured photographs. Then, add an artistic piece such as a painting or small sculpture to the other side to create a perfect balance. 

Add wall lights to show off your room’s best features. 

Do you love to hang artwork or do you want to light up a cosy reading corner? Well-chosen wall lights can illuminate your room’s best features for you to enjoy. You could even use some stunning handmade light fittings to frame your favourite piece to really make it pop. Wall lights can also make excellent task lighting, for example, in a dedicated reading nook in your living room, giving you a little extra light where you need it. 

All my lighting products are handmade and completely bespoke. No two pieces are entirely alike. So, if you are looking for some new light fittings for your room and want something a little bit different, check out my range. All of the timber used is sourced from the UK for minimal environmental impact – after all, whatever we do, whatever we make, we all need to work together to protect our planet.  

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