Deforestation: globally

Despite the global focus on slowing the effects of climate change, trees – the habitats to many and air supply to all – are still facing mass destruction. National Geographic report that an incredible 1.3million square kilometres was lost between 1990 and 2016 alone, and around 17% of the Amazonian rainforest has been wiped out with trees being felled every day. Since humans first evolved, we have destroyed 50% of the world’s trees. Forests are cleared for grazing livestock, urbanisation, producing palm oil and logging. Natural wildfires excuse humans from being sole respondents of deforestation but, unlike humans, fires eventually replenish forests with nutrients and growth.

Reducing deforestation effects locally

As a small business revolving around timber, we not only recognise the important of being sustainable, but we value our responsibility to the environment. With the world on our mind, Steamed Studio work to a ‘less is more’ ethos. In our humble workshop you will only find us making what we need. This helps us cut down on waste material. Unlike mass manufacturing sites, we do not have long production lines and stacks of timber. Here are some other ways Steamed Studio is doing our bit:

It is essential that we all do our bit in the fight against the effects of deforestation on our planet. In our bid to support the fight against deforestation, we are committed to raise awareness of the impact of deforestation on the environment, and we will continue to share and post important to our website.

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