We all use mirrors for a variety of different purposes – in the bathroom while shaving or brushing our teeth, in the bedroom or lounge to fix our hair, to tie a tie and much more. 

You’d be hard pushed to find a house that isn’t home to at least one mirror. Aside from being a tool for our grooming and dressing activities, they can also be a beautiful piece of home decor. Whilst a mainstay of bathroom or bedrooms, there’s plenty of good reasons why you can make the most of a mirror all around the home; 

Mirrors create the illusion of more space. 

Apart from the practical points we mentioned, the right mirror can make a room feel more spacious, add depth and appear brighter by reflecting light. Hanging a mirror in a small room can enlarge the space instantly.   

Mirrors make a great centrepiece 

A large decorative mirror can be an eye-catching addition to any room. By choosing a large statement or handmade mirror, it can create a beautiful centrepiece. You can also use the mirror’s reflection to draw attention to another much-loved home feature, such as a valuable vase or sentimental photo. Try placing the mirror in a space where it won’t reflect any undesirable corners, such as busy workstations or plain chairs.  

Maximise a room’s lighting 

Just like a mirror can create the illusion of space, it can also make a room look and feel brighter. If you have a poorly lit room or house, mirrors can help remedy this without the cost of installing extra windows. Hang mirrors across from windows to bring more natural light into the home, or hang mirrors to reflect any artificial lighting and brighten things up a bit. 

Cleverly conceal imperfections 

Most people have that one room they’re less keen on, whether it’s thanks to the size, shape or way it looks. Rather than redecorating the whole space, hang a mirror. If you need to cover a larger area, choose an oversized mirror that will not only conceal a crack for example, but also enhance the room, turning an area you previously avoided into a positive space. 

There’s one to suit every space 

Mirrors come in a range of shapes, sizes, colours and styles. Whatever your room decor, there is bound to be a mirror that will set the room off beautifully. Steamstudios’ mirrors come in classic colours such as Nordic White, intense Black and Pure to suit any space. 

They are practical 

There are rooms within a house that shouldn’t be without a mirror. The hallway as you take a final check of your reflection before heading off to work, the bathroom while grooming and brushing your teeth, or in the bedroom for trying on outfits.  

However, as we’ve explored, mirrors should not be limited to just these traditional rooms. Consider hanging one wherever you feel it would bring extra benefits such as creating the illusion of space or brightening up a poorly lit room. A mirror looks great in any room and improves a room’s aesthetics. There’s more to mirrors than meets the eye so check out our range of inspiration to be inspired.  

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